We focus only on public agencies and, as such, have developed the expertise to resolve the most challenging acquisition issues.

Working with a variety of strategic partners we provide all necessary elements for right-of-way acquisition:

  • Negotiations and acquisition
  • Complete documentation of transaction
  • Appraisals and reviews
  • Title research
  • Relocation Services

We have developed strategic partnerships to provide complete right-of-way services. Our strategic partners include appraisal firms so that we can coordinate the appraisals and review appraisals necessary for your project. We also partner with relocation companies to provide relocation services.

Our priority is to provide you with full acquisition services so that you, as our client, is not burdened with the details and administration of the right-of-way acquisition process. Our services include preparation of the offer and complete documentation of the negotiation process in compliance with your policies and the State and Federal Land Acquisition Policies and Procedures.

In addition to presenting the offer to the property owner, we meet with the property owner to explain the construction project and the benefits to the community. After obtaining the agreement of the property owner, we prepare all the legal documents necessary to convey the interest required in the property and to meet the legal requirements for right-of-way acquisition in order to make your targeted letting date.

As Right-of-Way professionals, we appreciate the stress a property owner undergoes during the land acquisition process. As the face of the public agency, we conduct ourselves in the most courteous and professional manner to best reflect on that agency.

It is our goal to lessen the administrative burdens associated with land acquisition so that our clients can focus their efforts in areas that require their expertise.